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Blog of the Month: 90'S Woman

October 27, 2010

When I found this blog I was really happy. I had never read anything more accurate on our adoratissimi (more or less) 90. The duo Ada Kalhoun and Kara Jesella is really knowledgeable in this field and will give you great emotions, in all senses.

Hello Ada, would you do a brief introduction of yourself?
Ada Calhoun, 34, NYC. I wrote the book 'Instinctive Parenting' (Paperback edition, October 2010). I worked with Tim Gunn on his book 'Gunn's Golden Rules' (September 2010). I also write for various newspapers and magazines.

What are your plans for the day today?
Today I work as a reporter for the New York Post and I'm waiting for something to happen exciting to write about.

When and why did you decide to launch 90'S WOMAN?
was September 2009. The term, as far as we know, was coined by Bridget Everett. Here is the link that gave us the idea for the whole: /

How old were you in the 90s?
I was born in 1976. My experience is stronger in the '90s were high school in New York (1990-94). I became interested in small publications of several books, feminism and music. After I started traveling in India, going to college and feel depressed, so I missed a lot of pop culture.

What is your actor / actress favorite of those years?
Alicia Silverstone in 'Clueless'.

And the TV series?
did not watch much TV, I was too busy doing the tapes recorded from the radio. However, I remember this show out of my head called 'Just the Ten of Us'. He spoke of this large family of poor girls who had a wonderful imagination.I must say that I was impressed.

What is the perfect outfit of women 90s?
A baby doll dress and boots should be the look cliché, but I think personally I would opt for something more comfortable. Type in flannel plaid shirt, pretty large. The bra straps strictly on demand.

Your favorite singer?
Julie Ruin.

A movie? Two days ago I saw 'Mermaids'! I love it!

Here's something cool written about by Kara: / I must say that I really liked the films of Hal Hartley, especially Trust. The best top model?Kate Moss reflected much all that 'identity' junkie chic and was arguably the Model 90s. I found it much more special Kim Gordon with its line of X-Girl:

What do you miss the 90s?
The Body Glitter.

Instead of what you do without?
Politicians rigid identity.

Tell us the first thing that comes to mind.
There are billions of books and films about the 60s. I think the 90's deserve at least one blog.

Thank you, PIG.