Also a Poet on the New York Times Summer Reading List!

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The New York Times says...

The poetry of Frank O’Hara; Daniel Mendelsohn’sAn Odyssey,” a father-and-son memoir that doubles as a reintroduction to Homer’s epic

Also a Poet: Frank O’Hara, My Father, and Me,” by Ada Calhoun

This chameleon of a book was inspired by the writer’s discovery of recorded interviews between the poet Frank O’Hara and her father, the art critic Peter Schjeldahl. Calhoun’s father idolized the poet and had hoped to complete a biography; this book recounts Calhoun’s attempt to finish it herself. Even if you don’t know O’Hara’s poetry (maybe start with “Having a Coke With You”), there’s plenty to appreciate in this memoir.

Grove, June 14