Austin Chronicle: Wedding Toasts written with "charm and intelligence and honesty"

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Wayne Alan Brenner did a fun event with me at BookPeople in Austin, and wrote a lovely piece in the Austin Chronicle about the book.

Ada Calhoun knows whereof she writes. And, as usual, how she writes is with charm and intelligence and honesty, and with all that lovely insight we mentioned. And this Wedding Toasts I’ll Never Give is a fine example of that – besides being exactly what you need to read if you’ve been married for a while.

And if you’re not married yet? But you’re planning on getting married eventually? Or you’ve already set a date, booked a reception hall, have rolled your eyes at advertisements for Sandals resorts so many times that those eyes are nearly shredded from supraorbital friction?

Then you really need to read this book of Calhoun’s.

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