Austin St. Marks Is Dead Book Party Recap

You can go home again, just not without drinking a lot of Lone Star. Two days (11/3-4/15) in my college town = 4 events, and 4 hours of sleep. THANK YOU to Matt Valentine for having me lecture at UT and buying books for the (way-smarter-than-I-was-in-college) students. Thanks to Owen Egerton for having me on his KUT podcast and at his One-Page Salon. Thank you to Gillian Driscoll at Sound Dessert for the fun Q&A; it was great to meet you in person while I was in town. Thank you Wayne Allen Brenner for this great Austin Chronicle write-up and for doing the best of all possible readings of the Don Terry section of the book at the Carousel Lounge (you would have killed the audiobook). At that party, thanks to Allyson Lipkin for expertly reading the sexy punk part. Thanks to Adam Sultan for his great covers, including "Alex Chilton" and “On the Drag.” Thanks to Ethan Azarian and Jeff Johnston for beautifully singing the book’s theme song, “Kids (Don’t Know),” with the telephone and everything.