Beastie Boys Book Essay!

Backstage bb ice-Backstage bb ice

I wrote an essay for the amazing Beastie Boys Book.The Ringer called what I wrote "one of the more effective guest-star turns," which is ridiculous but I'll take it. I also read my part on the star-studded audiobook, where my name falls here in the insane lineup: Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows, Ada Calhoun, Bette Midler, Bobby, Cannavale, Mix Master Mike, Exene Cervenka, Nas, Roy Choi, Yoshimi O, Jarvis Cocker, Rosie Perez, Elvis Costello, Amy Poehler, Chuck D... Because images of the book are already everywhere, here instead is a photo of my kid backstage at his first-ever concert. The band is great and all but he was REALLY into the ice bucket.

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