Kelly Ripa praises Why We Can't Sleep!

Kelly ripa 2-Kelly ripa 2

Live with Kelly and Ryan transcript, January 20, 2019:

: Yeah, it is so interesting. I am reading a book on the female midlife crisis, and only because I don't believe I am having one, but the title of the book appealed to me.

And it is called "why we can't sleep." It is in my backpack. They are saying it is about the female midlife crisis and why it is women right now, specifically my age.

Which I didn't realize I was an generation x person.

Ryan: I thought that you were a millennial until now.

Kelly: I thought that I was like pregeneration X. But I am not. I am right in the sweet spot of gen x, and apparently women my age are there really ones who can't sleep.

We are blazing the trail.

Ryan: That's because you have to put up with us.

Kelly: That is part of the reason.


Part of the reason is that. Do you hear the indifference? Sort of like women -- we are taught to not feel anything for ourselves and to not feel for one another.

And our generation is the smallest generation. We are sandwiched in between the millennials and the boomers. And we are much smaller, and they say that we are likely -- if you will, the middle child.

At the jan brady generation. Not that I expect you to --


Ryan: Will that help me?

Kelly: It is a book that makes you feel less crazy. Like oh, it is not my imagination. I am not imagining.