KUT Interview about St. Marks Is Dead

Ada calhoun ps 41 1280-Ada calhoun ps 41 1280

Owen Egerton at KUT interviewed me for his books podcast, The Write Up. He also says some really nice things about it in his write-up:

“It’s her observational skills mixed with the passion of devotee that makes St. Marks is Dead such a fun read…The book covers four centuries worth of cultural upheaval, urban growth, musical uprisings, and front-stoop conversations. In the weeks since its release, St. Marks is Dead has garnered rave reviews and critical accolades including being named an Amazon Best Book of November 2015 and Best Nonfiction Book about New York by the Village Voice. On this episode of The Write Up, Calhoun discusses what inspired her to explore the history and influence of St. Marks Place. We touch on issues of gentrification, the complicated politics of place, and the reasons three square blocks have influenced the cultural history of a nation… Best of all, Calhoun shares her unbridled enthusiasm about discovering the colorful and complicated individuals that have populated St. Marks. Saintly poets, larger-than-life gangsters, hippies, hipsters, beatniks and Beastie Boys all take the stage as we discuss her fascinating book.” Listen to it here.