NYMag.com / The Cut: The Abortion Victory No One's Talking About

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Idaho lawyer Richard Hearn just won a surprising and groundbreaking abortion-rights victory at the Ninth Circuit, and no one seemed to be saying anything much about it, so I called him up and asked him why. Here's my interview with him for New York Magazine's The Cut.

Do you expect courts around the country will see more of these cases, because of the rise in home abortions using drugs purchased online?
I think DIY abortions are already exploding. They are usually done early in pregnancy, and very few people are being prosecuted for it, because few people know about it. The Georgia case [Kenlissia Jones] is an exception, because she told the social worker when she went to the hospital. Most women don’t go to the hospital and they don’t tell anyone. That’s why the number of official abortions is going down. Because it’s so easy. These Texas laws (they may close down the remaining abortion clinics in that state) will force women not to go to Planned Parenthood, because they can’t get there or can’t afford it. Read the rest here.