Super-Nice Review of Instinctive Parenting

AnnaCatherine of the blog Adventures in Stroller Fitness just wrote the wittiest, nicest review of Instinctive Parenting (yep, still available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle).

Ada writes about her experience raising a child in the city and how all we need to raise a great kid are three basic essentials, shelter, food and love and to teach them to be kind and responsible human beings. And the rest, how we do that, is all up to us, you, the individual. It’s all written in short chapters perfect for my attention span and it’s very honest and frank and funny and if I had to recommend ONE parenting book of the hundreds I’ve looked at, this would be it ... Reading through it, I had an Oprah ah-ha moment. That small stuff, it doesn’t matter. I need to do what works best for me and my family and my kid and not spend more than 5 minutes thinking about things like waterproof changing pads or watching Elmo or how many snacks he eats, if that’s all he’s eating right now or the fact that he doesn’t dig on wasabi or Indian food or kale or the HORROR of juice. Sometimes juice is good. In fact, I might go have some juice right now. AnnaCatherine's a really funny writer, so I'm extra-psyched she liked the book! Read the whole review here.