The Atlantic: St. Marks Is Dead ‘Timely, Provocative’

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Photo by Chad Griffith

John McMillian, writing for The Atlantic, calls St. Marks Is Dead: “Timely, provocative, and stylishly written …Calhoun’s book serves as a welcome corrective to that rallying cry [that gentrification is bad], and to the tendency to romanticize New York City in the 1970s, when the city was far more riotous and permissive than it is now. … Her aplomb, in fact, is precisely what the discussion needs. Her portrait of neighborhood resilience might suggest more temperate proposals for an increasingly polarized debate.” Read the rest here. He hsa lots of great lines, like this: “Residents of St. Marks Place lamented that the street was never quiet, not even in the middle of the night (especially not in the middle of the night).”