Instinctive Parenting as "Guilt Kryptonite"

This morning I got an email that totally made my day. And get this, I am not even related to this person! Nor have we ever met! She doesn't even live in NYC! Can you tell I am psyched?

I wanted to comment on how tremendous your book instinctive parenting has been for me. It was so freeing, I just had a calming effect after reading it. I found myself reading it slowly, to savor every page.
My pediatrician recommended it to me, she confided in me that she reads just about every parenting book printed and yours was "on the money" for her as well, I, like you really love and respect my pediatrician so this meant a lot to me. I in turn recommended to my OBGYN, I told him how I think it is just the thing for a mother dealing with post partum issues, because it seems (and both my pediatrician and OB agreed) that much of PPD is from guilt, and your book is "guilt kryptonite"! So I just can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts and research with us. I am going to re-read soon, just as a sort of therapy for myself (mother of two children, age 6 months and 19 that is not a mis-print, now you can see why I need the comfort therapy!)
Thanks for your time and this life changing book,
Jenn Whitlock
PS: your book has given me a new "go to" baby shower or baby arrival gift. My pediatrician and I both said we wished that we could buy a case of the book and just give them out!

(Reprinted with permission.)