Instinctive Parenting on Cover of New York Family!

A New Parenting Book Offers Some Refreshing Advice: Stop Listening To Others When It Comes To Raising Your Kids—And Start Listening To Yourself

If “necessity is the mother of invention,” then it was out of necessity that prompted young mother, Ada Calhoun, to write her book, “Instinctive Parenting.” While pregnant, Calhoun, founding editor-inchief of, prepared herself for motherhood by buying and reading various books on parenting. Rather than finding reassuring information to guide her forward, what she read made her more “neurotic and confused.” There was an overwhelming amount of information, with experts proffering conflicting advice on the ‘right’ way to raise kids. What this soon-to-be mom was looking for were messages and stories about parenting that were reassuring and illustrated the joys and challenges of being a parent in a non-judgmental way. Two years after the birth of her son, Oliver, Ms. Calhoun wrote “Instinctive Parenting” to share her personal journey as a parent, guided by instinct and love.

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Pictured: May 2010 Cover of New York Family