Instinctive Parenting on Curtis Sliwa's Radio Show

Early Saturday morning, in a radio studio in the mostly empty Empire State Building, Curtis Sliwa, the original Guardian Angel, told me that I had "good street credibility." That's kind of like the Pope calling you a good Catholic, so I was pretty psyched.

Hanging out with Sliwa in-studio for "The Curtis Sliwa Show" on AM 970 The Apple is the talk-show equivalent of riding the Coney Island Cyclone.
He can weave together the Flying Wallendas, murder, gentrification, Joan Jett, dirty water hot dogs, SpongeBob, perp walks, the Wiggles, circumcision and much more into a single morning. At 9 a.m. I stumbled out (past the "Yankees Fans Only" sign) onto 34th Street in a daze. But a pleasant one!

You can listen to our whole one-hour conversation here. And you of course can buy Instinctive Parenting here.