Instinctive Parenting Q&A on MomLogic!

My old friend and writer at Babble Brett Berk called and chatted with me for MomLogic. Here's an excerpt:

Ada Calhoun: Hey Brett. Good to hear from you. How are you? Where are you?

Brett Berk: I'm in Chicago working on a consulting project for some new kids' products, so I've been in focus groups for the past four days, eating snack mixes and PowerBars with 9-year-olds.

AC: That sounds exciting.

BB: It is, if you like a fiber blast -- which I do. But we're not here to talk about my digestive system, as interesting as that may be. We're here to talk about "Instinctive Parenting: Trusting Ourselves to Raise Good Kids" -- your new book that's just out from Simon and Schuster. So ... tell me about it.

AC: I wrote it while I was at Babble. I was pitching this book about crushes, and Simon and Schuster came back and said, "You're at Babble; why don't you do a parenting book instead?" and I was like, "There are too many parenting books already." So they said, "Why don't you do a book about that?" So I did.

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