Why We Can't Sleep #5 Best Audiobook of 2020!

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Audible just published a list of the best 20 audiobooks of 2020 (so far) and Why We Can't Sleep is #5! According to the editors: "

More like ''why we can’t seem to do ANYTHING''

I first encountered Ada Calhoun’s rallying cry for Gen X women in the form of her widely shared 2017 essay in 'O' magazine, ''The New Midlife Crisis,'' which then became the basis for this listen. I was immediately drawn in by her ability to shine a light on the issues facing women like me, who are not only saddled with the obligations of caring for our own offspring, but the aging boomers who raised us as well. And now, as we are not only looking after our children but teaching them, P.E.-ing them, living with them—and our partners—every. second. of. every. day. (without so much as a break for a playdate), the ''solidarity, sister'' message continues to resonate deeply, however many weeks into the pandemic we may be. —Courtney R., Audible Editor