Why We Can't Sleep in Glamour.com, WSJ, Globe & Mail...


Here are some places Why We Can't Sleep has been mentioned in the past couple of months...

March 1 The Guardian UK, excerpt in print and online

March 1 You’re Booked podcast, interview

March 4 WAMC 51%, Interview

March 5 Fast Company, Feature

March 6 New Republic, Chronicle Review

March 6 Globe and Mail, 13 New Books

March 7 To The Best of Our Knowledge, Interview

March 10 Nerd Wallet, Feature

March 11 Radio Kingston, Interview

March 11 Charleston Post & Courier, Column

March 13 QWERTY: A Podcast for, by, and about Writers, Interview

March 19 Credit Cards.com, To Her Credit Interview

March 20 Done Being Single Podcast, Interview

March 20 America, column

March 24 Medium, Forge column essay

March 25 Road to Somewhere podcast

March 26 Times-News.com credit cards, interview

March 27 Glamour.com, Quoted in essay

March 30 Motherwell Q&A

March 31 The Simplifiers podcast

April 9 WSJ

April 10 NYT Styles

April 13 HBR’s Anxious Achiever, podcast interview

April 17 Quoted in NYT Obits

May 5 Prospect, sleep article interview