Instinctive Parenting in the Irish Independent

There's a great article in the Irish Independent by Johanna Gohmann, "Should Mums-to-Be Drink, Smoke and Be Merry?" that talks about the book! Here's an excerpt:

American author Ada Calhoun also felt the heat. So much so that after having a few mothering meltdowns of her own, she penned a book on the perils of parenting in 2010. In Instinctive Parenting: Trusting Ourselves to Raise Good Kids, she lays out an incredibly simple strategy for mothers who feel overwhelmed: just relax, and trust your instinct.

She discusses everything from anxiety-inducing mommy blogs, to over-the-top birthday parties for children who haven't yet even mastered the art of sitting up. She advises mums to take a deep breath, and back away from the craziness.

As for viewing baby as l'enfant terrible oppressor, ruling the home with his tiny, insistent fist? Well, mention Badinter's "oppression" theories to Calhoun, and she swats away the idea like a gnat. "This always makes me furious. Don't want a baby? Then don't have a baby! Don't want to be oppressed by motherhood? Don't make your own baby food. Just enjoy the kid. He couldn't care less if he's in an organic onesie or a Dora the Explorer costume."

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